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Party Trays

All party trays come in a dozen & are served with Disposable Plates.

Please Make Party Tray Request One Day in Advance For Large Events. 


  1. Enchilada Tray II Corn tortillas filled with your choice of ground beef, chicken, or cheese with red or green sausage. II $47.00

  2. Chile Reyeno Tray II Mild green Chile filled with cheese, deep-fried, and topped with ranchero sausage. II $70.00

  3.  Chile Verde Tray (Serves 10 people) II Chunks of pork salted with green chiles, simmered in our special Spanish tomato sausage. II $80.00

  4. Fajitas Tray (Serves 10 people) II Your choice of seasoned beef or chicken with bell peppers and onions cooked in a marinated sausage and served with tortillas. II $80.00

  5. Flautas Tray II Crisp fried tortillas rolled and stuffed with a choice of chicken or beef and topped with guacamole and sour cream (2 dozen). II $47.00

  6. Carnitas II Shared pork served with two dozen tortillas. II $80.00

  7. Chilaquiles II $60.00

  8. Salad II $25.00

  9. Rice II Made fresh and serves up to 10 people. II $25.00

  10. Beans II Your choice of refried, whole, or black beans. Serves 10 people. II $25.00 

  11. Chips & Salsa II $25.00

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